About us

MRK Motorsports was started in 2007, and quickly established its reputation as Aurora & Streetsboro, Ohio’s local race car manufacturer. Michael Kilroy started the shop in his garage , with no loan, no partners. Slowly, with hard work, long days, longer nights, and with great sacrifice, Mike built his own company, and continues to build his cars the same way, from the ground up. MRK Motorsports builds cars ranging from all prices. We like to research our clients projects to give them the very best quality, we do not like to slap together a project to get the in and out the door, we want a custom, but factory reliable solution. We are known for offering LSx swap harnesses and custom PCM’s, if it has a LSx or you need to control a LSx you are in the right place. MRK Motorsports often utilizes Ultra Tech Race Cars shop and machinery to help him meet the expectations of his clients


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